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We build enduring stability for our clients to help them become a guiding light in their community’s growth.

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We Massively Grow Your Business to Dominate Your Marketplace

Dear fellow Business Owner,

Have you thought… “I do great work, my clients love me, but how come my business isn’t growing faster?”

With our proven systems and processes, we grow businesses in an easy and repeatable way! 

Our mastery of the strategic and tactical marketing skill-sets has been honed in the trenches by working side-by-side with each of our clients across millions of dollars worth of projects from Fortune 50 clients all the way down to local brick-and-mortar businesses. Our wonderfully amazing clients include Intel, Asus, Husky Energy, and many others.

Our clients’ industry or location doesn’t matter too much, many of our clients come from verticals and markets we don’t initially have intimate experience with. Our company’s process dictates we first build market knowledge in our client’s industry, then we do in-depth customer research, build and launch our client’s campaigns. We’ve always met the same result with our clients. Success.

Using our strategic expertise, we craft the right long-term marketing recipe designed to help meet your business’ goals in a much shorter time frame than you ever thought possible. This can also include building out and implementing the right systems and processes that streamline business operations further.

Using our industry-leading tactics, we drive massive, measurable, and consistent results for all of our clients. Our favorite tactics for long-term client growth include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Funnel Building, Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Reputation Management, and a few other surprises we have up our sleeves.

The key takeaway from our proven strategic and tactical marketing knowledge is that it allows us to follow a basic, repeatable process that puts your company in the drivers seat for massive growth, taking years off your business’ journey.

More important than anything else is that we fully believe in building a relationship first. Since we’re both in it for the long-haul, we want to ensure we’re a good fit. To further cement our relationship with clients, we give value first, and offer an integrity-based pricing model.

If you’re interested in taking your company to the next level, please apply and fill out our Discovery Form. From there, we can take the first steps to see if we’re the right for each other.

Thanks for your time and we all look forward to meeting you!

Tom Flann

tom flann signature - SEO expert

In the first 30 days of working with Keel Advisors, my team has been stretched really thin. To be honest, they’re also a bit stressed by all these new appointments. Though, we’re all happy to get 60 new long-term patients in this first month!

Dr. Alan

Owner / Chiropractor

Levels of Service


Are you looking for an experienced advisor by your side, but have the team to implement the suggestions?

Our expertise and your ambitious team can line you up for a clear path to massive growth.

Over the course of months, we work with you and your team side-by-side to develop your brand, and create an advanced plan that will take your company to the next level and beyond.

We dig deep into your entire organization to uncover any gaps, design and execute on a plan for you to dominate your market, and advise you on the exact strategies and tactics that build your reputation. This includes what you can do to create proven lead generation systems, and create a clear online strategy to dominate your industry.

Apply below to see if we’re the right fit!

Fractional CXO

Do you want to dominate your competition across your entire landscape?

If so, we can work together side-by-side and build a custom strategic multi-year plan that captures every strategy and tactic that will develop your brand, position you as the expert you are, and put your business in front of your ideal customer each and every time. Your organization will have full access to our teams and resources, which will implement this plan.

This grows your business following a results-driven, hands-off approach that will strap a rocket ship to your company and set it on a trajectory for massive growth.

All you have to focus on is what you already do best, provide an amazing customer experience to each client you work with.

We only work with hand-picked businesses that have passed our stringent interview process.

Advanced Project Management

Do you need a consistent supply of customer leads that can start next week?

Our APM solutions offer our clients a consistent way to meet their goal of getting more inbound leads over and over again. Through a variety of different tactics, our campaigns use our proven ad technology. This is a complete hands-off method for you to meet your goals for lead generation – and fill your sales pipeline to meet your revenue goals in the easiest and shortest time frame possible.

We use an integrity based pricing structure to put a foundation in place that builds a lasting relationship, so that it thrives along with your company’s growth.

This puts you one step closer to dominating your competition, so apply below!

Over 2 months, Keel Advisors has built out a massive pipeline of leads, and we’ve scaled a brand new business unit to $750,000 in booked projects. If that isn’t success, I don’t know what is.


Owner / Business-to-Business

Video Testimonial – Aldaris CPA Group

“Between 2015 and 2016, my gross revenues have increased 496%.  97% of that growth came from SEO.”

-Edwin del Carpio, Aldaris CPA Group

Our Story

Tom Flann - keel advisors - ceo and founderKnown for getting the impossible done, Keel Advisors has worked with a wide variety of noteworthy clientele and industry verticals, including Intel, Asus, and Husky Energy. Flann and his team have been heavily involved with major projects from management consulting and leadership development, IT project management, to hiring and managing a worldwide team of 16 for In Search of Incredible, a 10-week project spread across 14 countries with world-renowned singer/songwriter, Jason Mraz, as the face of the campaign. “Our research and deep experience has been a guiding light to those we’ve had the privilege to advise, bringing members closer to best practice performance,” says Flann.

Flann provides spectacular results for small- to medium-sized businesses, having generated over $6.5mm in value add, examples include:
• An established CPA firm saw a 496% increase in gross revenue over 2015 and 2016, a 53% increase during 2017 and is on track for another 75%+ in 2018, and 3 new employees have been hired in the process.
• An established catering company sees an additional $50,000+ in new revenue each month and they purchased their competitor, bought out an event space, and opened a new restaurant – with many new jobs created.
• A 30+ year old chiropractic office in a town of 52,000 saw a 150% bump in new patients within 30 days and over 500 leads within 90 days (they were already in the top 5% of chiropractic offices nationwide), they’ve hired 2 new employees.

Flann was born in South Carolina, and raised in Carlsbad, California and Spokane, Washington. He graduated from the University of Idaho with a finance degree and music minor. In high school, Flann ran cross-country and track, clocking a personal record of 5:42 in the 1,600 meters. He eventually stopped running to focus on music. He’s played in every kind of musical group, ranging from award winning jazz bands, musical pit orchestras, jazz combos, and solo in front of audiences numbering into the hundreds.

Yelp reviews are Flann’s guide to new and up and coming restaurants, preferably with pizza or steak on the menu. He’s traveled extensively throughout North America, and knows that after he travels to Southeast Asia, Morocco, and Eastern Europe, he’ll be an even better storyteller. Flann would like to get a golden retriever, buy a Ferrari 488 Spider in Rosso Corsa, learn to surf, and write a symphony and have it premiered by a world-class orchestra.

He is currently on the road traveling (and working) across the United States.