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Mortgage Professionals

Do You Want More Appointments, More Referral Partners, and More Transactions – With No Prospecting?

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Does Any Of This Sound Familiar To You?

  • “Marketing” companies that deliver an influx of leads that go nowhere?
  • Overpriced leads from “big companies” that are sent to 10 other mortgage brokers or loan officers?
  • Your Speed-To-Lead that’s dragged out longer and longer because you’re stretched way too thin in your business?
  • Old school networking takes up too much of your time, and you can’t seem to get in front of top producing real estate agents and teams to become their preferred lending partner?
  • No consistent process to get deals from your large database each and every month?
  • New loan and refinance applications are inconsistent and you’re tired of worrying about it and want a TRUE consistent system?
  • You’re a little scared by the large real estate juggernauts that are “technology enabled by mortgage brokers?”

It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way!

We help mortgage professionals and teams get more transactions done in less time with no prospecting in four basic steps.

All so you can leverage your time and expertise to help as many homeowners as possible!

More Long-Form Leads

The first step is to set-up a system that generates you and your team exclusive long-form home buyer leads that aren’t shared with anyone else. They’re prospects that want to buy a new home, or refinance their existing home – and you’ll know what area of town their looking for, their desired budget, their basic financial situation, and more.

We can even drill down to provide prospects looking for VA loans, first time homebuyer programs, and more!

More Booked Appointments

More leads are always great, but that means more work and time needed to properly follow-up with them multiple times to get them to a booked appointment – right?

We’ve found that more leads are rarely the answer for business owners, they’re already busy enough.

Our Inside Sales Agents (ISAs) use multiple ways to relentlessly contact these leads over multiple weeks and months – with the simple goal to turn them into booked appointments on your calendar for you and your team. All being completely hands-off for you.

More Referral Partners

While old school networking can work well for a select few, it feels like every single mortgage professional reaches out to the top-performing real estate agents and team owners for coffee, lunch, or a round of golf to attempt to start a business relationship.

It’s challenging to differentiate yourself when you’re doing the same thing as everyone else, right?

Wouldn’t providing them pre-qualified home buyers be an easier way to get your foot in the door and get the conversation started to become one of their preferred lenders? Plus, you can help people become homeowners in the process.

Kickstart Your Database

Do you have a large database? Are you struggling to touch every prospect every quarter to check in with them?

Your past clients are your best source of future referrals and more loans, so why not use your database to the fullest extent?

Your very own Call Team can be set up that operates as a full extension of your own team – calling on your database contacts to check in for opportunities for more business. To go all-in, texting and email drips can be added so they’re hit at three different angles. All this to get more booked appointments on your calendar.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Our Story

Tom Flann - Keel Advisors, a Mortgage Marketing Company

Keel Advisors has worked with a wide variety of noteworthy clientele and industry verticals, including Intel, Asus, and Husky Energy. Flann and his team have been heavily involved with major projects from management consulting and leadership development, IT project management, and large scale marketing projects.

For our small to medium-sized business clients, we’ve created over $7mm in new revenue, have helped create multiple opportunities for multiple competitor buy-outs, and have helped put them in a position to create over 40 new jobs.

Tom was born in South Carolina, and raised in Carlsbad, California and Spokane, Washington. He graduated from the University of Idaho with a finance degree and music minor. In high school, Flann ran cross-country and track, clocking a personal record of 5:42 in the 1,600 meters. He eventually stopped running to focus more on music. He’s played in every kind of musical group, ranging from award winning jazz bands, musical pit orchestras, jazz combos, to playing solo in front of audiences numbering into the hundreds.

Yelp reviews are Tom’s guide to dinner, preferably someplace with pizza or steak. He’s traveled extensively throughout North America, and knows that after he travels more extensively across the USA, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe, he’ll be an even better storyteller. Tom would like to get a mid-year 427 Corvette for an epic cross-country USA road trip, finally learn to surf, and write a symphony and have it premiered by a world-class orchestra.